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  St Tiernan's College Annual Admissions Notice 2021-2022 

                                                                                   Published: January 25th 2021

The St Tiernan's College Annual Admissions Notice is now available on our school website and our Facebook page.

You can view it by clicking on the link below:




Addendum to our Code of Behaviour Policy:   SECTION 4- REMOTE LEARNING 

Whilst the school will implement the above measures to ensure the safety of students on site, it is important to recognise that there is a possibility that some of the learning over the remainder of the year may need to be completed online.

As such we have outlined our expectations as the following.  All students working remotely will:

· Engage with the resources prepared for them by their teachers. This will involve the same level of effort as is expected of them in school.

· Ask questions of their teachers via email or teams when in need of extra assistance.

· Be considerate of family members who are working from home, and talk to their teachers or Mr O’Reilly and Ms O’Malley about any challenges in accessing technology.

· Carry out tasks, work and assessments assigned by their teachers in the time scale provided.

· Should a return to remote learning or blended learning occur, it will be necessary for parents/guardians to monitor correspondence sent from school regarding work and homework to ensure it is being completed. In the absence of the teacher being physically present to motivate the student, parents/guardians need to assume this role. This would be a supervisory rather than a teaching role.

Remote Teaching and Learning Related Policies:









St Tiernan’s College

A note from the principal...

“Our school is a centre for learning and it is our expectation that each student who attends will maximise their potential during their time here. We expect the very best from all our students and our dynamic innovative staff will strive to ensure that this happens.”

Mr. Conor O’Reilly


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