Modules currently taught in our PLC course in Office Administration are: 



Awarding Body

Work Experience

Work Experience (5N1356)


Communications Level 5

Communications (5N0690)


Business Admin

Business Administration Skills (5N1610)


Database Methods

Database Methods (5N0783)


Spreadsheet Methods

Spreadsheet Methods (5N1977)


Text Production

Text Production (5N1422)


Info And Administration         

Information & Administration (5N1389)


Word Processing

Word Processing (5N1358)




Quick Summary of what each module entails 


Work Experience: Students must find a work placement in which they must complete 60 hours, a diary is kept of experience learned while also the skillset of writing a C.V, cover letter and interview techniques are all covered. An excellent module for anybody wishing to prepare for or return to the workplace. 

Communications: One of our most important modules, whether in the workplace or in a college environment it is essential to be able to transfer knowledge in a clear and concise way and also to be aware of the different types of communication. The module covers both written and practical aspects of communication and gives learners practice and confidence for public speaking which is very important for the third level where presentations are compulsory. 

Business Administration: Is a module that covers topics relating to the business world such as organisational structure in different types of business, in-depth knowledge of how meetings are organised, ran and recorded and also looks into topics appropriate to business finance.

Information and Administration: Covers a wide range of skills needed to work in an administrative role, in this module students will cover topics like arranging an itinerary for a business trip, covering all aspects of business meetings while also learning about various filing systems and other office equipment.

Database Methods: Is one of our computer-based modules. A database is a large collection of information, the best example to use that most people would be aware of is "Done Deal". Students will learn how to build a database and also how to filter information from the database to generate reports and queries. 

Spreadsheets Methods: In this module, we learn how to use the excel application in Microsoft, this is the most commonly used application for spreadsheets and has endless possibilities. The student will complete a project where they will design a spreadsheet to solve a problem with an existing system. 

Text Production: We feel this is one of the most important modules although it has been discontinued by many third educational centers. Text Production basically is your typing skills, to pass this module you must be able to type at a rate of 36 words per minute and an accuracy level of 98%. Feedback from past students has shown that this is essential on any C.V.

Word Processing: Essentially this module deals with everything you need to get the most from Word Processing applications like Microsoft Word, the module deals with text manipulation, inputting tables, merge files, mail merge, headers/footers, application of styles and much more. Again excellent to have on a C.V. where the majority of jobs now involve a computer.  

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Points are allocated to results in the best 8 Modules

Distinction           50 Points

Merit                     35 Points

Pass                       20 points

*      A student can get a maximum of 400 points based on achieving 8 distinctions during the year.

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